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Vistancia Premier Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Vistancia Premier Pool Tile Cleaning is a pool tile cleaning service serving Surprise and Peoria Arizona and surrounding cities. 

 Let's make your pool sparkle!

Pool Tile Cleaning

Our pool tile cleaning service uses a combination of high-pressure water and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to remove stubborn white calcium lines, stains and build-up from your pool tiles.


Our water-soluble and pH neutral media helps protect your tile and won't clog your pool equipment.


Read more about our tile cleaning here.


We are equipped to handle any type of pool tile, from natural stone to ceramic and glass. Trust us to restore your pool tiles to their original shine.

Before and after image of heavy white calcium buildup being removed from blue pool tile
Freshly cleaned and empty Pebble-Tec pool with sparkling dark blue tile.

Pool Acid Washing

Deep clean and revitalize the pool's surface through acid washing. Effectively removes tough stains, algae, and discoloration, leaving your pool looking fresh and inviting.

Chlorine Rinse

Ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool with a chlorine rinse.  Algae and algal spores can become embedded in the surfaces of your pool. When your regular chemical maintenance routine isn’t enough, deep scrubbing with chlorine helps to eliminate bacteria, disinfect your pool, and maintain a safe swimming environment for your family and guests.

Man scrubbing pool floor with scrub brush.jpg
image of swiming pool pump.jpg

Filter Cleaning

Keep your pool's filtration system running its best with our thorough filter cleaning service. We'll remove debris, dirt, and impurities from the filters, improving water circulation and maintaining water clarity. A must during Arizona Monsoon season and throughout the year.

Summerization & Winterization

Get your pool ready for the summer swim season before the temperatures start rising.  We’ll clean your tile, filters and balance your chemicals.  If necessary, we’ll also complete a more extensive service that includes draining your pool, chlorine wash, refill and balance.


At the close of the swim season, get your pool ready for cooler temperatures.  We’ll touch up your tile cleaning if needed, clean your filters, and balance your chemicals.

Sparkling backyard pool with ocean mural painted on wall behind pool
Empty, green, algae stained pool with debris and hose in the bottom.

Green to Clean Water Draining

If your pool water has turned green due to algae or other issues, we’ll transform it from a murky state to crystal clear. Our green-to-clean service will restore the water's clarity and make your pool swim-ready again.

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