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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you work on both plaster and Pebble-Tec pools?

Yes! We service both plaster and Pebble-Tec pools.

What types of tile surfaces can you work on?

We can work on ceramic, glass, and stone tiles, along with rock, tile, and stone water features.

Do I have to be home when you work on my pool?

No!  All we need is access to your pool and pump equipment.  We bring all necessary materials and equipment, too.

Why does my pool water look cloudy right after getting my tile cleaned?

The blasting media that we use is water soluble and pH neutral, meaning that it dissolves harmlessly into your pool water and will not affect the pH balance of your pool, surrounding soil, or damage your pool equipment.  The media will be filtered out of your pool water during the normal filtration process and the cloudiness of the water should go away in about 3 hours. 

How long will you need to clean my tile?

We can get an average pool tile cleaning job done in about 1.5 to 2 hours, not counting the time it takes for the media to clear from the pool.  Pools with extra heavy calcium buildup will take extra time and media and may incur additional costs.


Other services take longer, such as chlorine rinse/scrubbing, or Green to Clean restorations where the entire pool needs to be drained.  We will give you a more accurate estimate of time when we provide your consultation.

Do you seal my ceramic or porcelain pool tile?

No.  Sealing of ceramic or porcelain tile is NOT recommended.  Some companies apply sealant to tiles after cleaning. Don’t make that expensive mistake!


If sealant is applied to ceramic or porcelain pool tile, it may look shiny and bright at first…


But, over time, the sealant will fade or yellow in the sun, making your tile look cloudy. That sealant will have to be removed from your tile. 


Sealing should only be performed on natural stone products.


We can determine what type of tile you have in and around your pool to recommend the best products for your pool.

What can I do to keep my pool tile looking beautiful?

The best way to keep your pool tile and water features looking beautiful is to conduct regular maintenance on them, and to keep your pool chemicals balanced. Keeping the pH of the pool water between 7.2 and 7.8 (and ideally between 7.4 to 7.6) can help keep calcium carbonate from leeching out of the water and sticking to the tile to form that annoying white line.


Also, our water supply here in the Phoenix is naturally “hard,” and contains high levels of calcium and minerals that only contribute to the problem.


In addition to keeping the chemicals balanced, using a pool cover to minimize evaporation can also help.


The good news is, once you get the heavy white line off, it’s faster, easier and requires less blasting media (and cost) to remove any spots that may crop up. We recommend touch ups at the beginning of the swimming season as part of our comprehensive “Summerization” service to get your pool ready for swim season, and again during our Winterization service to get your pool ready for winter.

Do you recommend using glass beads to clean pool tile?

No, we don't recommend using glass beads to clean your pool tile.  Glass beads can remove calcium deposits and are reusable. However, if the glass beads (or fragments of the tiny beads) are not completely and properly vacuumed up out of the pool, it's possible that they can cause damage to your pool equipment. Do you want to take that risk? We use only the best water-soluble and pH neutral blasting media to clean your pool tile and protect your valuable investment in your pool.  Read more about our pool tile cleaning materials here.

I’m not sure which service I need.  Help!

Don’t worry! Contact us for your consultation, and we’ll figure out exactly what your pool needs to look its best.

How can I get a consultation and quote?

Just call or contact us through the Contact form below or call us to set up your free consultation and quote.

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