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Our Process

Restoring Your Beautiful Pool is as Easy as 1-2-3

Next, we’ll use our water-soluble media to blast away those pesky white calcium lines, while protecting your tile from scratching and etching. 


Then, we’ll clean up the area, refill the pool, and set your filter to do a quick clean cycle to gradually introduce the media to the filtration process so that it will dissolve and clear the pool water, usually in about 3 hours.


If your pump pressure suggests that your filters need cleaning, we’ll clean them as part of our process.


In just a few hours, your beautiful pool will be ready to enjoy!

The Best Material To Clean Your Pool Tile

The Best Material to Clean Your Pool TIle

Your pool is one of the largest investments you’ll make for your home. That’s why at Vistancia Premier Pool Tile Cleaning, we only use Kieserite, (also known as Maxxstrip) blast media.  It’s simply the best material to clean your pool tile.


Why Kieserite?


Kieserite is a magnesium salt-based product that is tough on calcium, oily residue, mold and algae, but gentle on tile. It won’t scratch or etch your tile or grout like pumice or harsh acids can.


Kieserite is water soluble, pH neutral, vegetation and pool equipment friendly. 


Many components of the filtration system in your pool are made up of either plastic or paper, including the filters, pop-ups, vacuum system, and pump impeller.  It’s important to use a blast media that won’t harm your filter as the water passes through the system.


Some companies use glass beads to clean pool tile, and then vacuum up the glass beads from the bottom of the pool after completing the work. But if some of those tiny glass beads (or fragments of beads) are accidentally left behind, they can potentially damage or destroy your filtration system, racking up some expensive repair bills for you.


On the other hand, Kieserite simply dissolves harmlessly into your water, and you’ll only need to run your filter for a few hours after we’re done to clear the pool water of the product. Also, it won’t corrode or harm copper, brass, aluminum or mechanical seals or bearings.


And because it’s pH neutral, Kieserite won’t alter the pH of your pool and turn it green in a few days like soda (sodium bicarbonate) blasting media can.


When you want only the best care for your pool tile, call or email us for your free consultation.


We’ll take great care of you and your pool.

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